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The Differentiators

Teacher development + Parents’ connect

Our teacher development programmes sensitize our teachers to the needs of the child by imparting newer approaches to teaching and subject matter delivery. Our orientation for parents are designed to help them become better parents through a deeper understanding of a child’s needs.


Every classroom is a digital classroom, bringing alive the concepts being learnt through the use of technology.

Creating Custom Curriculum

Our team of experienced educators combines their knowledge with the current learning expectations to create learning modules and exercises that engage and educate.

The Concept Learning Methodology

The focus of learning is on insight, deeper understanding and higher order thinking by applying learning to real-life situations.

Lab Infrastructure

Classroom-based labs for language, math and science for junior school Separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs for secondary school Well-equipped Computer Lab where students can test concepts and validate their understanding in real time.

Child Centric & Focus Group Programme

Each child is unique and learns at his/her own pace. The focus group programme is a process of addressing their needs for additional help to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Multi Sports Facility

The NewAge Campus houses a wide range of well-designed sporting arenas covering lawn tennis, basketball, football, badminton, cricket and swimming. Children are also initiated into a number of indoor sports such as Chess, Table Tennis, Yoga and Taekwondo


Stores books on almost all subjects relevant for students and subscribes to more than 20 magazines and all major news papers

Performing & Fine Arts Studio

Music, Arts & Dance sessions are conducted as a part of everyday learning at NewAge to instill a sense of creativity and develop cognitive abilities


Our digital learning content is developed in-house by our team of experts in educational research to support a concrete learning environment for the child.