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Best ICSE in Yalahanka


We encourage you to visit NewAge World School so that you may experience our excellent academic programs, student-friendly facilities, diverse student and faculty body, and extracurricular programs. Our Admissions Coordinator will gladly assist you and answer your questions.

The Admissions process at NewAge World School is designed to be as efficient and positive as possible for all applying students. All applicants who are admitted to our school are expected to function within the regular classroom. The Admissions Office may send a confidential Student Evaluation form requesting additional information to the student’s current or previous school.

Best ICSE in Yalahanka1

Looking to enroll your child at NewAge World School? It’s easy..! Here’s how to enroll in easy steps:

  • Step 1: Enquire We have a rolling admission procedure. All applications are addressed immediately.

  • Step 2: Complete and return application All forms in this kit must be completed by the parents and student(s). We would also like to see the candidate’s academic records for the last 3 years, plus the three reference forms, birth certificate, and/or copy of their passport.

  • Step 3: Schedule visit to NewAge World School During the visit the prospective student and his / her family will meet with the Admissions Officer.

  • Step 4: NewAge World School registration After completion of all paperwork and following the visit, the our Admissions Committee will meet to determine if the prospective student has met the criteria to be accepted to NewAge World School. If an appropriate match has been made, School Admissions Coordinator will send a letter of acceptance to the prospective student and his / her parents.