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NewAge World School

Dear Parents,

Warm Greetings from the NewAge team!

Our students are successfully completing the first term and it has been a pleasure to see them grow so well in all spheres. Our deep gratitude for the active role you have been playing in their efforts to reach to the next level in their learning and making the process a joyful one.

We wish to profusely thank all the parents for the overwhelming response for our call to raise a helping hand for the flood affected people. Our students have learnt a valuable lesson in this touching experience. We have despatched the materials to Kodagu through KodavaSamaja in Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru and our cash collection has crossed ₹18,000/- and as some contributions are still coming in, we will make the payments in the next week and we’ll be sharing the details and photographs with parents in the Annual Report.

Let us greet the month of October with the ever vibrant and thought provoking quote of Mahatma Gandhiji –

‘Be the change you want to see in this world’.

As teachers and parents, it is our primary duty and responsibility to uphold the values and lessons given to us by Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhiji. The celebration of ‘Gandhi Jayanthi’ will be more meaningful if we make our children practice and follow some of his ideals for the betterment of self and nation.

This festival month has many significant features. Dussehracelebrated for nine days enumerates the power of Shakthi and victory of good over evil. This also culminates in first term break, giving sufficient time for students to introspect and analyse their areas of strength and weaknesses.

During this vacation it is our duty to ensure that our students make the best use of these holidays to empower themselves with some of the educative and entertaining learning skills that were valued and treasured to be the best ones by our grandparents and elders. We would like to focus on the reading habits of our children which is slowly losing its significance in this ‘smartphone world’. To introduce them to this wonderful world of books,it is our appeal to you totake them to the Bangalore Book Fest at Palace Grounds which is scheduled to openfrom 15th October. It will also be a great experience for parents to catch up with their own reading.

‘The family that reads together stays together!’

The colourful and ever inviting books will expose young children to a new beginning and we hope that you will not fail to do the same by selecting the age appropriate books for your children and encourage them to read to experience and explore the new avenues that the books provide be it a world of reality, fantasy, fiction or science.

We would like your child to participate in the educational trip that the school is organising from31stOctober to 3rdNovember,2018 for students from Grade 4 to 9 to Gokarna, Dandeli and Chitradurga.Details have already been shared and students have been registering.This exposure is necessary not only to see & learn about places but also to help share, co- operate, adapt and adjust themselves with the group. We would be happy if you appreciate our effort by sending your child to be a part of this trip.

The school is planning for the annual day ‘Samsktuthi-2018to be held on December 1st. Preparations are underway & we need your support and co–operation in making this event a grand success. The preliminary preparations have begun already and we will keep you posted about the scheduled progress and the plans for practice at regular intervals. We would like to furnish the list of holidays for your reference.School reopens for the next academic session on Monday, the 22ndOctober 2018. Attendance is compulsory for all students on the reopening day.

Date Activity Details
02-10-2018 Gandhi Jayanti Holiday
08-10-2018 MahalayaAmavasya Holiday
13-10-2018 Open House Parents can meet the Class Teachers in theirrespective classrooms from 9 am to 12 pm.
Parents of Grade 5, 6 & 7 will have a Parents- Teachers Meeting in the Auditorium from 10 am to 11 am.
13-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 Mid SemVacation Holiday
18-10-18 AyudhPooja Holiday
19-10-18 Vijayadashami Holiday
24-10-18 ValmikiJayanthi Holiday

As we are close to Diwali - the festival of lights it is our humble request to all parents to discourage the use of crackers which encourages child labour. Let us make it a point to educate our children on the right and wrong use of crackers, its consequences and other relevant information that we keep discussing year after year concerning our environment.

Few points pertaining to fireworks to be noted during Diwali:

  • Fireworks cause irreversible damage to the environment as the harmful gases pollute the air.
  • Crackers that make loud noise disturb babies, sick & old people, students preparing for examinations, general public,animals and birds.
  • Fireworks industries employ young children where they work under hazardous conditions, are underpaid and suffer burns and ultimately die of cancer when still young. By discouraging the use of crackers, we can bring down the agony that little children go through.
  • Used carelessly, fireworks may cause burns & hearing loss; every Diwali season, many children have lost their eye-sight due to accidents that occurred while bursting crackers.
  • Let us make this Diwali a true festival of lights by lighting beautiful earthen diyas which will also light up the lives of our poor artisans.
  • Instead of burning the hard-earned money on wasteful indulgences like crackers, children can be taught to buy books which can be their life-long friends; they can be encouraged to save the money and reach out with gifts to people who aren’t able to celebrate.
  •  If you have realised the need to avoid crackers, kindly do so and do spread the message; or else reduce the usage and please take care of the little children and pets during Diwali.

As we draw the curtain for the first sem.,we deem it our pleasure to thank you all for your guidance and support. We hope you will continue to stand by us in all our endeavours that we design & execute for the betterment of our students.

We wish you all a Happy Dussehra and a fruitful time with your wards.

Shylini Soans,