Activities to Enhance Academic Performance of Students in School

Activities to Enhance Academic Performance of Students in School

Low test scores can be discouraging, but it does not necessarily indicate a lack of understanding or potential for academic success. It may simply mean that the student is not equipped with the proper techniques for test preparation. It is important to note that even high-achieving students can struggle with exams or grades. While teachers play a crucial role in children’s education, parents remain their children’s primary teachers.

However, some of the best schools in North Bangalore, have embraced the perks of an upgraded education module, encouraging students to understand new learning methods that enables to acquire higher grades more easily.

Here are some valuable tips to assist you in your studies, reach your goal of obtaining good grades, and succeed as a student.
Adopt a positive attitude

It is natural to feel disappointed when receiving grades lower than that of what we expected, but it is important to remember that it is within our power to do something to improve the grades. Maintaining a positive attitude is key, rather than allowing failure or disappointment to lower our confidence level. Take control of the situation and determine how to improve. Continuously taking positive steps towards your goals is the key to achieving success. Best ICSE school in North Bangalore also promote this thought.

Take notes in class

The practice of taking notes has been acknowledged by students and educators alike as a crucial strategy for improving academic performance. This is because what is heard in class is often forgotten quickly as the day progresses. However, when information is written down, it becomes a permanent record for future reference and revision. This is why students who consistently take notes in class often perform better academically. Top schools in North Bangalore teachers help students in note making.

Analyse your weakness and strength

Identify your areas of weakness and the reasons behind them. Then, evaluate the causes of your inability to reach your full academic potential in those areas. By dedicating more time and attention to these areas, your exam grades will naturally improve.

Improve your learning style and writing skills

Every student has a different method of studying, that give the best results. Consider whether you prefer to learn alone or in a group. Experiment with different techniques such as reading, speaking, and analysing the material you are studying. For example, when starting a new topic, try reading it silently first, then read it aloud, and summarize it in writing. Plan and organize your thoughts before writing and practice previous year's papers. Allow plenty of time for revision.

Use a wider variety of learning resources

There are multiple ways to understand a concept. Using a variety of learning resources can help in this process. This approach can provide a diverse range of perspectives and can lead to a deeper understanding of the concept. Additionally, it is possible that in some places the approach adopted to explain a certain concept is far more apt to an individual than explained elsewhere.

Taking a break from studying

Studies have shown that taking breaks from studying can boost energy, productivity, and focus. International schools in Yelahanka make their students believe in this mentality.

Ask questions

When you focus on improving your academic grades, it is important to address any doubts or questions promptly. Don't hesitate to ask your teacher or tutor for clarification. Asking questions demonstrates a willingness to learn and a desire to fully understand the subject. Clarity on the material is essential for academic success, and this can be achieved by actively participating in class and asking questions. The students can only do well in academics when they are clear with the concept and to get this clarity.


How to improve your grades is not a million-dollar question. Simple techniques like, adopting a positive attitude, taking notes in class, analysing weakness and strength, taking a break from studying are some most popular techniques used by students past and present to improve exam results. The International schools in North Bangalore, like NewAge World School, ensures that all students are well-schooled and mentored to acquire good grades and a confident personality to succeed in future.