Before and After School Care and Holiday Care

What is before & after School care?

As a busy or working parent, the school day rarely works for the same hours as parents. So, when one needs more time outside the normal school hours, the before and after school care offers convenient programs that are fun, safe and rewarding for a child.

At NewAge Pre Schools, Bangalore, we provide a wide and diverse range of creative and recreational activities for students from Peer Group -0 to years 6, tailored to your child’s interest, personality and abilities.

Our programs are thoughtfully planned to inspire and challenge, enhancing many of the skills your child learns at school, along with their life skills.

Care for kids

What do you do when the school day has finished but your working day hasn’t? How do you keep your child busy during the holidays?
The answer for many parents of school going children is NewAge Pre School Day care
NAPS Day Care is supervised care and recreation for your toddler.
At NAPS we offer Before and After School care. One can trust NAPS Day care to provide engaging experience for their child.
We at NAPS Day Care know how important it is for children to have the chance to relax and have the chance to relax and have fun before or after school, so we offer a range of planned and free play activities that ensure that your child has plenty of choice. The emphasis is on play, social interaction and recreation. Activities are organised in small & large groups, or children may choose quiet time by themselves. Eg:- to read and to do homework.

Activities that children love at NAPS Day Care include:

  • Art & Craft (Origami, clay modelling, drawing and colouring)
  • Free Play
  • Yoga
  • Group Activities (Collage, Role Play)
  • Pretend Play
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Memory Games
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Music
  • Reading

How to choose the right service for your child?

Always consider your child’s needs and interest first:

  • Are the children made to feel welcome by the staff and other children?
  • Can I tally to staff about my child’s needs and activities offered?
  • Do the activities suit my child’s interests?
  • If my child doesn’t want to join in organised activities, is there supervised free play?
  • IS the environment suitable and interesting?
  • Is homework supervised?


Before and after school care lets your child have fun in a relaxed and safe environment. Many children enjoy having time to hang out with their friends after school hours and enjoy the range of activities on offer.

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