Best ICSE High School in Bangalore

Tips to Select the Best ICSE High School in Bangalore

NewAge World School is the one of the best ICSE High School in yelahanka, Bangalore and top International Schools in Bangalore. NewAge School has World Class infrastructure and an unmatched learning experience

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Helping your child with Socialization

Socialization begins right after birth, with the younger years being the most crucial of the socialization process. Through socializing, children are exposed to our culture, language, manners, and learn about our society.

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A Step By Step Guide

How to Prepare Students for Exams – A Step By Step Guide

Exams can be quite stressful for many students. This is especially true for students who are in school. Many children fear that they'll disappoint their parents and teachers...

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Reopening of Schools in 2021

Reopening of Schools in 2021

School is considered a second home for children and as such, architecture of your kid's schools has a significant influence over how your child feels about going to school and studying there as well as his or her behavior. Moreover...

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Daycare School

How do you know if your child is happy at Daycare School?

Daycares are pretty cool places for babies and children as they learn, grow, get hugs, interact with other kids and play with some pretty awesome toys during the day but many Parents can’t help but wonder things like...

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child engaged after school

Keeping your child engaged after school is easier now. But How?

The moment we say ‘kids’, we imagine tremendous energy, naughtiness, cuteness, tantrums, headaches and sweet moments with them. Their curiosity always leads them to explore new things. Kids are always...

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