Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Parents opt for International Schools in North Bangalore?

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Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Parents opt for International Schools in North Bangalore?


There can be a lot of reasons why parents choose international schools over other schools in North Bangalore. Why is this the case? These international schools are not only providing a practical approach to learning but also open up numerous opportunities for children, allowing them to gain exposure that prepares them for global challenges. Whether it's the varied teaching methods or the chance for students to pursue higher education anywhere in the world, the benefits are significant.

One such school is the NewAge World School which has 6 Preschool & 1 International school across North Bangalore and has both the international and the ICSE board.

Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Parents opt for International Schools in North Bangalore?

  1. International-Focused Education
  2. Gateway to the Best Career Options
  3. Promotes Holistic Development
  4. Application-oriented assessment
  5. Teachers Who Are Internationally Minded.
1. International-focused Education

As mentioned earlier, most of the top international schools in Yelahanka, North Bangalore, offer a unique education that combines important parts of different school systems from around the world. For example, your kids will learn in an Indian environment with also get to experience parts of British, American, and other education systems.

This type of world-class education is good for preparing students for jobs anywhere in the world. Also, these schools have students from many different cultures and countries. This helps your children learn about and respect various cultures. It helps grow their personality and teaches them to be understanding, tolerant, and responsible. These schools are great for encouraging students to be their best.


2.Gateway to the Best Career Options

If you want your children to get into some of the best universities in the world, then sending them to a top international school in Yelahanka is a good idea. Many international schools are well-known and respected globally. They provide an education that is valued all over the world. Because of this global recognition, students who finish their studies at these schools find it easier to get into top-rated universities and colleges around the world. Moreover, graduating from an international school also enhances the opportunities for your children in the global labour market.


3. Promotes Holistic Development

International schools focus on the complete growth of students like intellectual, emotional, and social growth. The curriculum is designed in a way to promote an inclusive learning environment that values your children’s unique qualities. These schools also encourage extra-curricular activities like sports, arts, dance, and community service. This approach helps in teaching more than just academics, making sure students grow in all areas of life.


4. Application-Oriented Assessment

In international schools, the way of teaching is very different from other schools. Here, every student gets full attention. International schools use things like projector presentations, projects, practical work, and group activities instead of just written exams. This method lets students show what they have learned all year long.

This way of evaluating students helps them develop important skills like problem-solving, thinking deeply, being creative, and communicating well. These skills are very important for jobs today's changing workplace.


5. Teachers Who Are Internationally Minded.

Teachers and staff at international schools are often better trained and more experienced compared to local schools. They usually have qualifications from different parts of the world and know how to deal with students from diverse backgrounds. This helps in giving a better education and more attention to each student. Choosing an international school can be a good decision for parents because these schools prepare children not just for exams, but for real-world challenges.



As we talked about in the blog, many Indian parents are choosing international schools for their children's education. We hope you now understand why these schools are important. The world is changing fast, and so is technology, especially with advancements in AI (artificial intelligence). The job market is also changing quickly, and big companies want to hire people who are up-to-date with the latest knowledge and technologies.

Our education system needs to keep up with these changes. We must teach our kids to think for themselves and learn independently to succeed in this fast-moving, digital world. International schools in North Bangalore are doing just this. They focus not just on book learning for exams but on teaching students how to think critically and solve problems on their own. This prepares them well for the future.

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