Explore Your Child Sports Interest at Best Schools in Bangalore

Explore Your Child Sports Interest at Best Schools in Bangalore

Knowing your child's sports interests and letting them engage in sport is beneficial for your child's growth. Children interested in sports tend to follow routines and habits to stay organized, which last long into their adulthood.

Many schools in Bangalore promote sports by providing quality education with excellent sports infrastructure.

5 Best Sports School in Bangalore

If your child has an interest in specific sports, you should look at these best Sports Schools in Bangalore.

1. Greenwood High

This International School provides a wide range of sports facilities to its students. It is a Co-Ed ICSE school with classes up to grade 12. The sports facilities of this Bangalore-based school include; a grass field for hockey, an on-site swimming pool, a chess room, a basketball court, and more.

2. Inventure Academy

This school is another best sports school that provides a sports program for all its students. The programs include ultimate frisbee, basketball, cricket, swimming, table tennis, football, and more. The high school student can specialize in any 2 sports. This school also offers quality learning programs.

3. Akash International School

This popular co-ed day and residential school have a spectacular sports academy. The school offers sports programs including football, martial arts, cricket, volleyball, yoga and meditation, skating, and hockey. Only qualified coaches prepare the student for sport.

The multi-purpose gym at this school is handy as it helps students maintain mental and physical fitness.

4. The Sport School

This school is a specialized sports school in Karnataka that contains both sports and education for all its students. This school has an outstanding infrastructure. This school offers badminton, football, cricket, tennis, swimming, and basketball.

5. Jain Heritage School

This co-ed CBSE school has a great reputation as it offers various academic facilities, including a manipulative learning center, English language development center, discovery zone, and more. This school offers many sports programs and has excellent infrastructure, including a basketball court, an 8-lane swimming pool, a fitness center, a synthetic tennis court, and billiards & snooker.

What is The Significance of Sport for Children?

Participating in a sport has many benefits for children. Some benefits include:

  • The sport teaches the importance of teamwork and social interaction in society.
  • Sports also spread a feeling of unity as it brings people from all over the world, despite their religion, nationality, skin color, and culture.
  • Sports also help develop the moral principle of a child through fair play.
  • Sports also help children learn to respect rules, authority, and opponents. Most International Schools in North Bangalore motivate their students to build positive self-esteem through sport.
  • Sport is also a good way to reduce stress and improve mental and physical well-being. It helps children keep a solid and clear mind to develop a healthy body.


Best International School in Yelahanka, Bangalore, offers excellent sports infrastructure that helps your child reach its full potential in sport and participate at the national and international levels. These schools also excel in providing commendable academics.

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