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How Physical Activity in Schools Benefits Students

Participation in physical activities is crucial for the holistic development of young people to nurture their physical, social and emotional health as well as intellectual side. There are numerous advantages of introducing environmental education into the learning systems in schools. Our students spend so much time at school, we at NewAge- International School in Yelahanka think that the school environment should encourage children to engage in physical activity.

NewAge- International School in North Bangalore aims to provide a comprehensive, varied, and engaging Physical Education programme that challenges, engages, and delights both students and staff. Physical Education is an important aspect of the overall educational experience, in our opinion.

Aims and objectives of the PE Department -NewAge

We aim to stimulate and maintain students' enthusiasm in physical activity while also promoting health and fitness for current and future lifestyles. We help students become familiar with a body of knowledge, principles, and vocabulary related to physical education, and to see sports as an important part of their lives, relating to employment, free time, and culture, as well as its role in the development of interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills

Our Physical Education programme at NewAge – Best Schools in North Bangalore helps students develop a variety of desirable human attributes such as safety, awareness, politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative, and independence. The construction of self-esteem through the development of physical confidence is a fundamental goal of the Physical Education department.


Staff at NewAge Best Schools in North Bangalore give a variety of experiences and activities during the course of study and, where possible and suitable, during PE lessons.

A diverse selection of curricular activities is offered in each year group:

Games (invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games)
Gymnastics (floor and apparatus work, individual, duo, trio and team work)
Water Activities (fundamentals of swimming, competitive swimming, personal survival)
Health Related Fitness (fundamentals of fitness training, training methods, fitness testing)
Indoor and Outdoor activities
Individual and group activities

Extra-curricular Activities

At NewAge World School offers a variety of Co-Curricular Activities for students. A selection of activities from art, reading club, musical instruments, drama, organized sport activities, karate, computer courses, science clubs, photography and others are offered in a supervised setting.

Benefits of Physical Activity in Schools.

Students who play sports are better able to concentrate and maintain focus, which has a positive impact on their academic life.
Regular exercise is vital in the fight against child obesity. Positive exercise habits that are implemented in childhood and adolescence will likely continue into adulthood.
Students who exercise regularly have a better quality of sleep. They are therefore more alert at school and have higher levels of concentration.
Physical exercise helps children relieve stress and anxiety
Playing sports in groups help young people to improve their teamwork and leadership skills
Sports teaches children to have improved self-discipline
PE helps children to develop their confidence
Children who play regular sports have improved behaviour in school.


At NewAge World School we know the many benefits sports can bring and we give Physical Education classes the priority they deserve. That is why every student currently takes part in a daily sports session as part of their academic timetable. At NewAge - Best Schools in North Bangalore, PE is a critical component of a well-rounded curriculum. To learn more, visit our Sports Programme page.

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