How To Make Your Child Interested in Studies?

How To Make Your Child Interested in Studies?

We all know how hard and challenging it is to engage kids to study & to make them realize that it is for their own benefit. Each child has different personalities, which makes their response varied, so you have to figure out several ways to engage them in learning or studying. Get your child enrolled in one of the Best International schools in North Bangalore - the NewAge World School for holistic development as we focus on making studying as engaging as playtime as well.

As they get older, they have to realize that it cannot be playtime & that learning is an important aspect of our daily lives.

Here are some ways you can get them interested in studying -

1. Reward them

For younger kids, it is generally the reward of snacks or treats which keep them energized to do anything. Suppose you reward them with a piece of chocolate or extra snacks & ask them to do their work on time. This approach, however, isn’t good for parents to rely on after a long time. But doing this will always make them look forward to their study time.

2. Make it fun

Do not ever scold your children for not being able to learn something properly. They will associate study with you also being angry & they will try to escape from it. Make their learning time fun, so they look forward to it. Make use of props or songs if you have & always be calm if they aren’t able to understand anything. At NewAge World School, we aim to make study engaging for the children, which is why we are known as the Best International School in Bangalore . We provide several tools that focus on creating a stimulating experience for the child.

3. Compliment them

Make sure always to appreciate their efforts for whatever right answer they give. Even if they attempt a wrong answer, a parent should always compliment them for the effort done. This will help in motivating the children & make them understand that searching for solutions to problems enriches them in life. It will grow their confidence & self-esteem in the process also.

4. Encourage them to ask questions

Never make a child feel ashamed in asking questions, no matter how small the question may be. They are at that stage in life where everything is fresh & overwhelming, so you have to satisfy their curiosity by answering their questions.

5. Read

In order to make children interested in reading & studying, you have to make it their habit for them to read every day. It can range from stories to chapters to their textbooks. They have big imaginations & will always love listening to you if you read to them & develop a love for reading & learning as well. At NewAge Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore, we emphasize a lot on reading books to inculcate a reading habit.

6. Put stress on learning & not on the grades.

Yes, good grades are important to get. If your kid is feeling challenged in getting good grades, it can be a good idea to shift his concentration to learning. Converse about their day-to-day activities & what was learned in the class.

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying, “In some cases, we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself ― Lloyd Alexander.” If you feel your child isn’t focusing much during study time but is still taking out the time, appreciate their efforts at the end of the day.

We hope you liked this blog about how you can make your child interested in studying. Make sure to get your child admission to one of the Best Schools in North Bangalore - NewAge World School. At NewAge, we have always created an environment that impacts children in such a way that they never associate negative emotions with the study.

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