Importance of Environment Education in High Schools

Importance of Environment Education in High Schools

Introducing environmental education to school going children is essential since it instills in them the values of conserving the environment. This enables them to make a positive impact in both their schools and the communities in which they live. It also allows them to gain a full understanding of the various environmental concerns that they face, as well as potential mitigation measures that may be used to solve them.

Schools in North Bangalore should focus on preparing students for environmentally responsible, long-term initiatives and connecting them to all of the core disciplines they learn in class. There are three key areas in which environmental awareness should be taught (Natural resources and environmental revitalization, hazardous waste substance prevention, Resource management in the community). To help students understand the quality of life, economy, and society, more focus should be given on research-based learning in areas connected to natural resources and the environment.

We at NewAge- International School in North Bangalore, taken this step to spread awareness and mindfulness in every learner and staff member so that each one acts and reacts responsibly to protect the natural world.

Learners take part in activities to encourage this beginning in the Pre-primary years, including planting a sapling at home and at school, celebrating 'Green Day,' in which learners create and exchange messages to save the environment, and participating in the 'Best out of waste activity,' in which waste/scrap materials can be restructured to create useful articles.

Every day at NewAge- Best Schools in North Bangalore the facilitators have an interactive session with the students about what they can do to better living conditions. students enthusiastically participate in the discussions and take back the learning at home, thus spreading the message in the society at large. Parents too are active participants in this initiative.

At NewAge – Best International School in Yelahanka, birthdays are celebrated by planting a tree or flower in the school. Deeply, if this practice is carried out worldwide, imagine the number of trees that would be planted in a day.

Below are some of the key reasons why it is necessary to incorporate environmental education into the teaching curriculum:

Promotes healthy lifestyle
Instills respect for nature
Teaches children about environmental challenges
Enables development of critical thinking skills
Teaches them to be responsible
Assists government meet its objectives
Breaking the Indoor Habit
Improving academic achievement
Creating enthusiastic students


It has been observed that students who participate in environmental education grow up to be better and more responsible adults. Many Schools in Bangalore helps students to develop the necessary science and mathematical skills that are crucial in their lives.

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