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Importance of Games and Sports in Student’s Life

In India, academic success is highly valued and prioritized by parents. They believe that outstanding performance in academics is the key to securing a bright future for their child. As a result, children are pushed to excel in academics from a young age, with sports being considered secondary.

Pursuing sports as a career is not widely accepted by many parents, due to factors such as the increasing population and intense competition for college admissions. Additionally, our nation is obsessed with cricket, resulting in a lack of support for other sports. Despite this, participating in sports has numerous benefits to offer.

Sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and fit. But there are many noticeable benefits from sports. Engaging in sports contributes to the overall development of students, teaching valuable life lessons such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline.

Sports in schools provide students with the necessary preparation to tackle life's challenges. They help enhance both physical and mental abilities, enabling students to reach their aspirations. The significance of sports can be observed by the numerous national and international sporting events held worldwide, where athletes proudly represent their countries.

At NewAge World School, the best international schools in North Bangalore, sports is an important part of the curriculum. The school is well equipped with multi-sporting facilities that include cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball and other indoor games. The school not only aims to improve a student's physical abilities but also instill a sense of good sportsmanship in them.

Given below are the reasons why sports and games are essential in a student’s life:
1. Improves Physical and Mental Health

Participating in sports provides a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes overall fitness. Regular engagement in physical activity can prevent chronic illnesses and support the development of a healthy heart, strong bones, and improved lung function. Sports also aid in controlling diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight, improving blood circulation, and reducing stress levels. By participating in sports, individuals can achieve a harmonious balance of physical and mental growth, strengthening their muscles and bones.

2. Social and Personality Development

Sports not only contribute to physical health but also enhance social and personality development. Sports activities provide children with opportunities to learn ethics, values, responsibility, discipline, and foster confidence and mutual trust. The sportsmanship spirit equips individuals with the skills to handle life's challenges with grace. Engaging in sports promotes good morals and a positive outlook, reducing the risk of being susceptible to social problems.

Studies have shown that students who participate in sports tend to achieve better grades, have greater self-confidence, and graduate at higher rates. Additionally, their involvement in sports reduces the likelihood of involvement in negative behaviors such as drug use, teenage pregnancy, obesity, suicide, and depression.

3. National Development

Sports play a crucial role in nation-building by fostering a sense of unity and national pride. Through sports, students learn to become responsible and peaceful citizens who promote mutual love and respect. Participating in sports helps to develop essential values such as teamwork and cooperation. Additionally, sports help to shape character and boost self-confidence in young people.

4. Improved Leadership & Team Building Qualities

Sports is all about teamwork. NewAge World School, one of the leading international schools in Yelahanka, promotes team sports such as football, cricket, and basketball, which provide individuals with a sense of identity and belonging within a group. These sports opportunities allow children to showcase their abilities and communicate effectively with their team members, thereby helping to identify and refine their leadership skills. Such experiences contribute to the overall development of their personalities.

5. Boost Self-Confidence

Achieving a goal in sports, whether it be scoring a goal, hitting a six, or winning a race, not only brings happiness but also enhances self-confidence. Performing in front of an audience who is observing every move can be nerve-wracking. But a sportsperson is characterized by focus, patience, the proper level of confidence, and a never-give-up attitude.

At NewAge World School, students between the ages of 6-14 years receive professional training in Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Snooker/Billiards, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, and Swimming, with a specialized sports training program of three and a half hours.

6. Better Performance in Academics

Incorporating sports into a daily routine can lead to improved academic performance. Physical activities on a daily basis enhance memory and refresh the mind, resulting in better focus and overall health. Being both physically and mentally healthy, students are better equipped to concentrate on their studies. As a result, incorporating sports into a daily routine can have a positive impact on academic achievement.


A student can have an excellent mental and physical growth and mental toughness if he keeps on playing various kinds of sports in his life. Students who engage in sports and games on a regular basis often find that their minds are refreshed, making it easier for them to focus on academic pursuits. With the ability to concentrate better, children can absorb new concepts and develop new skills with greater ease. Choose a best schools in Yelahanka, Bangalore where sports and other curricular activities are given similar importance as studies.

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