Importance of leadership in management

Importance of leadership in management and why students must acquire leadership skills

“The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity… out of discord, harmony… and out of difficulty, opportunity.” – Albert Einstein.

Leadership is a crucial skill for students to master if they wish to become successful managers or leaders in the future. It is important at all levels of an organization, including entry-level, middle, and upper management. Companies must navigate complex business dynamics to achieve sustainable growth, and effective leaders develop strategies and motivate others to achieve this goal. As a student, it is important to understand the fundamentals of leadership in management. At NewAge - International Schools in North Bangalore, we believe all members of our students should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts. The more leadership is encouraged, the more it flourishes.

What is student leadership?

Everyone has the potential to lead, but young people often need guidance and opportunities to develop their leadership skills. By learning various techniques and skills early stage, students can gain a strong foundation and improve their confidence and mental well-being.

What is the importance of leadership in an organisation

Effective leaders ensure a smooth work environment by clearly communicating and enforcing the company's core values. This guidance from managers helps to keep the team united and focused on goals, even during difficult times. For example, during the pandemic, companies led by strong leaders were not only able to survive, but also thrive amidst crisis. At NewAge - Best Schools in Yelahanka, students are taught to look for opportunities to exercise their leadership.


Managers are skilled in navigating the human behaviour and resolving conflicts that arise within an organization. They facilitate the collaboration of teams and put their negotiation skills to use in order to resolve the differences constructively.

Overall organisational development

Managing a business involves coordinating a variety of functions, including logistics, budgeting, operations, production, and product development. As future managers, you will be responsible for overseeing multiple aspects of the business because the company's success depends on the alignment of these factors and the efficient use of resources.

Transform the businesses

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to adapt to new technology and market trends is crucial for success. Many companies have failed due to a lack of innovation and resistance to change. Effective leaders introduce change using critical thinking, analytical skills, and intuition, helping to overcome resistance and facilitate a smooth transition to new processes.

Importance of leadership skills for students
Communication skills

As a leader, it is essential to have strong communication skills in order to effectively convey your ideas and direction. Good verbal and nonverbal communication can inspire and motivate your team to achieve more. Whether you are delegating tasks, setting goals, or recognizing accomplishments, effective communication is key. At NewAge - International Schools in Yelahanka, students are taught to look for opportunities to exercise their leadership.

Build trust

As a leader, it's important to build trust among team members in order to achieve both individual and team goals. Without trust, a big project can quickly devolve into chaos and finger-pointing, with members blaming each other for its failure.

Listening skills

Active listening is an undervalued skill that can greatly benefit leaders by helping them understand their team members' perspectives, challenges, and expectations. Team members, who are closely involved in the operations and business processes, often have valuable insights and ideas. By actively listening to them, leaders can encourage the free flow of ideas and foster a healthy exchange of views and solutions to problems.


Students learning leadership skills not only benefits their development but it also helps their interactions with others. At NewAge - Best International Schools in North Bangalore, we believe that all students have leadership potential and offer the Leadership program to help them develop their skills. This program is integrated into various aspects of school life, including the classroom, athletics, outdoor education, and extracurricular activities like musicals and the Student Leadership Team. Students are encouraged by their peers, teachers, and advisors to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available and to fully engage in them.