Learning Programs & Events at Best schools in Yelahanka

Learning Programs & Events at Best schools in Yelahanka

It is essential for education institutes to provide the right combination of learning programs and events in order to teach their students. Only Best Schools in Bangalore make a difference by engaging in a variety of curricular activities to help children learn about their traditions.

The learning programs help children develop many skills, while learning events help sharpen their skills. Events are also crucial for children as they encourage them to overcome their shyness and teach them how to stand in society. Generally, the best schools provide three learning programs: Pre-School (Pre-KG to UKG), Primary School, and Middle School.

What Are the Learning Events at Best Schools?

Best International School in Bangalore hosts a wide range of learning events for their children to know their tradition and potential. Some events include:

● Karnataka Rajyotsava

Many schools in Bangalore celebrate this event on 1st November since it is the most significant day. All regions with Kannada natives united to form one state, naming Karnataka on 1st November 1956. A learning event based on this day helps children understand their traditions and history.

● Science Day

Children need to know the importance of Science in their daily life. Many schools celebrate Science Day on 10th November by holding learning events. The events include an exhibition of science projects, charts, and models, which help students express their views.

● Constitution Day

On 26th November, India celebrates Constitution Day, the day our country established the Constitution. Many schools celebrate this day by teaching students the importance of rules and regulations. In the events, students take a pledge to remember and follow the rules and regulations of our country's Constitution.

● Ayudha Pooja

You can find the Best School in North Bangalore celebrating Ayudha Pooja, which is a significant part of the Navaratri Festival. Most schools celebrate this pooja on the 9th day of Navaratri. This day helps students remember the Goddess Durga who slain the demon king Mahishasur after their fierce battle.

● Children's Day

On 14th November, the day our first prime minister was born, many schools celebrate Children's Day with great excitement. Many schools also host different learning events or cultural events on this day. Schools also set up many competitions for children to encourage them to work hard to get victory in each contest.

● Navaratri

Many schools in Bangalore celebrate the 9 days of Navaratri with special learning events. On each day, the school worships the incarnation of Goddess Durga. The school also hosts a play of children depicting their history of festivals. Play helps children to build their cognitive, social, and physical well-being. Play also helps in the overall development of the child.


Well, many International Schools in Bangalore teach children through learning programs and events, which is an excellent way of teaching. Learning events make children ready for the future and lead productive lives. You can make your child's future-ready with the help of learning programs and events at the NewAge - Best ICSE schools in Bangalore. Your child can also develop essential self-reflection, creation, and experimentation skills.

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