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Childhood as an age status is not fixed or universal. It differs across societies, time periods & between age groups. Post infancy comes toddlerhood where by the child exhibits the law of readiness to socialize further as they start speaking or talking independently.

At this point in time the child showcases a strong bond with the care provider and this is where NewAge Pre School starts a constructive and wonderful journey with your child.

Mrs. Akshitha B, brings in her educational accolades into the everyday teaching-learning process at NewAge Pre Schools. A gold medalist in the Post Graduate degree in Management & multiple Degrees in Commerce and Education, she is well equipped and generates a well rounded curriculum for our little NewAgeians of tomorrow. An Ex-International Tennis player, she truly believes that a sport teaches more than just the sport alone; it equips you with life skills necessary to face the ever evolving World

“Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth across all areas of development ranging from literacy to numeracy to even developing physical fitness of our little athletes of tomorrow. The primary development task at this age is skill development. Language learning at NewAge builds through an LSRW approach as the child progresses at each peer group level.”

Conveniently located in a neighborhood near you, our Early Childhood Centre’s of learning provide for a holistic learning experience for your little one in an environment that aims to be agreat place of learning for children, parents & teachers ; where parents & teachers work in Harmony - to set the child free.

Warm Regards
Mrs. Akshitha B
Associate Director,
NewAge World School



NewAge High school in yelahanka, North Bangalore, envisions to nurture confidence and independence, giving our children the educational & co curricular support they need; to grow into flexible and resilient young adults, ready to succeed in an ever-more-competitive-NewAge world-Best international schools in yelahanka, North Bangalore !


NewAge Best International in yelahanka, Bangalore. has-is-will strive to achieve our purpose of setting the child free from the fear of failure,free from the routine and boredom of meaningless learning,free from shyness and inhitions,free from rote learning,and in fact free the child from the stress of learning itself


"to set the child free"