Message From Associate Director

Childhood as an age status is not fixed or universal. It differs across societies, time periods & between age groups. Post infancy comes toddlerhood where by the child exhibits the law of readiness to socialize further as they start speaking or talking independently.

At this point in time the child showcases a strong bond with the care provider and this is where NewAge Best International School in North Bangalore starts a constructive and wonderful journey with your child.

Mrs. Akshitha B, brings in her educational accolades into the everyday teaching-learning process at NewAge Pre Schools. A gold medalist in the Post Graduate degree in Management & multiple Degrees in Commerce and Education, she is well equipped and generates a well rounded curriculum for our little NewAgeians of tomorrow. An Ex-International Tennis player, she truly believes that a sport teaches more than just the sport alone; it equips you with life skills necessary to face the ever evolving World

Mrs. Akshitha B