Message From Primary Head

Right from the start, Plaboni Iyengar was drawn towards a career in education. Her penchant to open the world of learning through fun and helping young minds to break out of the mundane ways of mechanical learning, saw her career blossom in this field, over the next few decades. A quote by Margaret Mead which said " Children must be taught how to think, not what to think," always resonated with her ideology.

A proud alumna of Lady Sriram College, Plaboni obtained her B.Ed. degree from Loreto College, Kolkata and started her teaching career in 1986 with Blue Bells International School, New Delhi. She saw her career in education and mentorship gain momentum thereafter, as she taught across the country in various prestigious institutions.

In the year 2007, she moved base to The Netherlands, where she shifted her focus to teaching meditation and lifestyle courses, thus helping many participants strengthen their intuitive minds and manage their stress and anxiety with ease.

When she arrived in India in 2018, she took up the role as the principal of an esteemed school in Bengaluru, where she nurtured many young minds for the next two years. In 2020, Plaboni shifted her focus towards her role as the Primary Head at NewAge World School where she mentors teachers and contributes towards the growth of the institution. She has introduced various initiatives that brought recognition to the school, which is now an acclaimed establishment, sought after by eager parents and students alike.

Nurturing developing minds and seeing young students blossom, has always given Plaboni a sense of achievement and fulfillment. She strongly believes that value-based education, arming her students with life skills, resilience and a sense of sportsmanship goes a long way in preparing confident, successful and well-rounded adults, ready to face a rapidly changing world.


Mrs. Plaboni Iyengar