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Message From Prinicipal

Message From Principal

It's with great pleasure I welcome you to our school website to take an initial peek at the varied facilities and the unique curriculum of NewAge World School. The NewAge world school, since its inception more than a decade and half ago, continues to be a vibrant education community with exemplary standards in quality education.

Our motto- to set the child free.. facilitates to inculcate love of knowledge in our students. The in house curriculum is evolved continuously as per the demands and requirement of the heterogeneous group of students by the well trained enthusiastic and passionate mentors with the assistance of the NewAge Department of Excellence in Education.

The students enjoy learning in the lush green and eco-friendly campus which houses not only spacious smart classrooms but also basketball and tennis courts, football ground, swimming pool and indoor badminton court.

The multitude of sports activities to choose from and myriad of activities to showcase their latent talents in the Talent hunts keeps the students happy. Happiness is a contagious energy which is closely linked not only to academic successes but overall wellbeing of our children.

The NewAgians will continue to spill this happiness into their surroundings and make the world a happy place to live in. I wish you the very best in your pursuit of seeking the best schooling years for your child.

Sujita G Nayak

Our Vision

To provide a value-based world class learning experience that will instil in our students knowledge, life skills, sportsmanship, confidence and resilience to face a rapidly changing New Age World.

Our Mission

We believe that a child must be allowed to explore, imagine, experiment, create, make mistakes and think differently in an environment of guided freedom to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow.


"To set the child free"