Personality Development in Students

Personality Development in Students

We at NewAge World School believe


Each child is born with a unique personality which is shaped by the environment in which the child is brought up. Parents, teachers, caregivers and schools play an important role in influencing the personality of a child. As the saying goes “A child’s mind is like a blank slate”, therefore all knowledge obtained is from the experiences gained through life. At New Age World School, the best International School, we believe children are not born with the prior knowledge of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. They learn by observing others around them and their interactions with others.

Personality Development should start early in a student's life which is a true reflection of their inner being. It can be defined as a set of traits that shape the inner and outer being in a person with organized pattern of behaviours that makes a person distinctive. Personality development for children is a necessity in today's times as it instills confidence to face the world.

At New Age World School, the best ICSE School in North Bangalore, Grooming oneself means gaining confidence, courage and building a dignified self-esteem.

  • Inculcating values and practices from a tender age grooms the students into positive individuals.
  • We avoid labelling a child as it closes their options of correcting themselves which may lead to lower self-esteem and the child might end up imitating this behavior which is not his own
  • As parents and teachers we identify the child’s unique individual capability and encourage without mentioning shortcomings
  • Respecting the child’s individuality is undoubtedly the first and foremost step in building their self-confidence. Comparison lowers the self confidence
  • Instead of lecturing, practical implementation advocates a lasting impression on the student. Therefore, it is important to practice what we preach
  • Students are expected to have clarity between responsibility and independence.
  • Reprimanding or yelling are not corrective measures.

Our unique ways are

  • To make the child feel important
  • A tone of integrity and respect is maintained
  • We adopt disciplined and ethical norms of behavior that may last far beyond a school

Instill leadership qualities by allowing them to speak, enact and express themselves in the morning assembly. Students need to become torchbearers.

Inculcate positivity by highlighting each student and his innate talents ranging from courage to diligence, honesty, sincerity, creativity, simplicity, sportsmanship spirit, hospitality, kindness and so on

We maintain certain ground rules where manners, etiquettes, punctuality, sobriety, cleanliness, promptness, humility, empathy and respectfulness is allotted as an ownership.

Tolerance and patience are foundation and pillars of building a good personality.

We extol the virtues of treating everyone with dignity and respect

Highlight volunteerism and listen to everyone as everyone gets a chance to open up.

We guide to accept success and failure as life teaches us to face both.

We update the child about fitness goals, practicing yoga, exercise and meditation

The child is made to believe in supporting parents or anyone who is in dire need of his help which also reflects his true personality.

At New Age World School, the best ICSE School in North Bangalore, we make a conscious effort to highlight positive characters from science, literature, history, and arts as role models teaching about the personalities that students deliberately emulate and letting students elaborate, assess, and match their behaviors and traits of these personalities and some commendable characters in fiction or story.

Discuss open-ended about current scenarios and leaderships, celebrities, sports figures as role models as well.

At New Age World School, the best ICSE School in North Bangalore, learning and knowledge is of no use if not applied well. Hence, we challenge our students to do projects out of their education to benefit school, community, or city. Sit with them and brainstorm creative ideas to cultivate the pillars of personality development. Let them strive for a spirit of a will to do. We Let senior students help junior ones to plan the necessary steps of the activity. Also, it involves parents to motivate them at home as well.

An all-round development of a child builds his personality.

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