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Positive Impacts of Sports in Education

Kids energetic in school are fitter, have a healthier body & are generally more confident. The problem of blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis & other diseases is lower among physically active people, making it more vital for children to appreciate the importance of physical activity at a younger age. Playing sports can make you healthier & stronger and contribute to low obesity rates. Usually, the athlete has lower body masses. Active people generally have a lower rate of diabetes & high blood pressure. Daily exercising can lead to better heart & lung function. Learning to play sports as a child may carry over into being more of an active adult. Some sports may have a lasting impact from childhood as well into adulthood.

At NewAge World School, we promote sports to be taken up from each child. That is why we come under the Best Schools in North Bangalore. Make sure to get your child enrolled in our school to reap the benefits of an excellent educational institution.

Improved Social Skills

Participation in school offers a sense of belonging & being a part of the team or the group. You can interact with the members communicatively. You learn to consider the interests of the teammates & practice respect & co-operation. You will work together, share resources & other teams, take turns to play & also learn to handle success & failure as a team. These communications help create bonding & lasting friendships with the schoolmates, which can assist in making children more social & outgoing as they grow. As we all know, NewAge World School focuses on improving social skills through various events & we all know of it being amongst the Best ICSE School in Yelahanka.

Better Health

Pastimes like the Internet, Television & computer games can make children sedentary & increase the chance of obesity. Children who do not participate in sports & other physical activities are more likely to be inactive adults. Participation in school sports encourages the healthy growth of the heart, lungs, bones & muscles. It also focuses on improving agility, physical activity & coordination. Exercise also assists in reducing stress levels, behavioral problems & anxiety. Regular physical activity can help you relax better & reduce your muscular tension.

Lower Risk of Negative Influences

Youth who participate in sports are less usual to commit crimes. Engaging in sports will reduce the amount of unsupervised free time on your hands & stop boredom. It makes options like smoking, drinking & drugs to be less appealing.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

When you participate in school sports, you generate several techniques & skills. You engage in friendly competition with the schoolmates, have a simpler time maintaining healthy body weight, & have a low risk of generating obesity. Boys & girls who play sports have positive body images than those known to be sedentary. When you play well & play games, then you achieve a sense of accomplishment, which helps shape self-esteem. At NewAge World, we promote a sense of belonging among our students. Our school is one of the International Schools in North Bangalore.

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