Reopening of Schools in 2021

Reopening of Schools in 2021

Students always desired for a long vacation from school. But 2020 gave them a too-long vacation. It's almost a year that schools, colleges, universities and all other educational sectors are shut down. Studies have gone online, examinations have gone online and all other activities have also gone online. Students are now sitting at their homes and attending online classes.

Schools are an integral part of every student life and the COVID-19 pandemic has been successful in shutting it down. As any sort of gatherings were meant deadly in this Covid situation, educational sectors had to be closed. But this hugely affected every student's career. The whole year of 2020 was a huge downfall in the education sector. Now in 2021, only a few states have declared to reopen schools. All other schools are waiting for the right time to open schools as they are afraid of the consequences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the lockdown of schools

The lockdown of schools was necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If the schools continued to perform, most of the students may have fallen sick. As the coronavirus is deadly, many students, as well as teachers, could have lost their lives. Many parents wouldn't allow their children to attend school as they would be afraid to send them out in that situation. So, the classes would be a complete failure.

But the lockdown of schools has a large drawback. Though it was necessary, it has a lot of disadvantages. Earlier, students used to go to school early morning, interact with their peers/friends, stay in an academic environment and under the surveillance of the school. But now, as the classes are going online, the teachers cannot focus on every student, who is attending the class and who is not attending. Maximum students who come from rural areas are without the privilege of mobile or network. Therefore, education can't be reached to all those students. Online examinations are a huge failure as they are more like open-textbook examinations. Schools weren’t meant only for academics but also for sports and other cocurricular activities. Those cannot be conducted virtually like the Online Classes. The 2020 pandemic has created a huge set back in the lives of students.


2021 has been crucial with the start of vaccination in India. Many schools of fewer states have reopened schools for senior standards. The authorities have ensured safety for all the students. School authorities have taken all sensitization measures to ensure the safety of the students. Students must carry their own mask and sanitizer. There must be a distance of at least six feet between students. No gathering of students must be entertained. Schools premises must be sanitized regularly. All these regulations have to be obeyed strictly for safe school existence. Parents are still afraid to send their wards to school. They have a lot of concerns regarding the precautions taken by the schools. Students have to be cautious about their own safety in any condition.

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