Sports Facilities at NewAge School

Sports facilities have played a very important role in promoting physical activity and participation in leisure sports activities at School. Therefore, we at NewAge have significant efforts to continue to improve the image of leisure sports and pursue the amelioration of service quality of public sports facilities. Sports is very essential for every human life which keep them fit and fine and physical strength. It has great importance in each stage of life. It also improves the personality of peoples. Sports keep all our organs alert and heart becomes most stronger by regular playing some kind of sports.

While many subjects at school are taught primarily in the classroom, sports and physical education provide a great opportunity for children to head outside, get active, and focus on developing different skills.

The benefits of sports in education are vast, and they aren’t just physical benefits. This article explores how sport positively impacts students in their academic progression and beyond.

1. Stay Fit and Healthy

Fundamentally, physical education can have a range of health-related benefits to anyone, and children are no different. Kids are bundles of endless energy, and physical education can be an excellent outlet for releasing some of that.

2. Boost Self-Esteem

Sport is all about success, achievement, teamwork and friendly competition. Physical Education (PE) teachers are trained to harness the fun and natural competitiveness of sport to help pupils enjoy games together so that they get exercise, learn how to play cooperatively and develop self-esteem. Everything from small words of encouragement from the coach to scoring the winning goal for their team can help build your child’s confidence. Strong self-esteem is a vital character trait for children to develop. The spirit and tenacity instilled in them from sport can be carried into their wider academic pathway.

3. Reduce Stress

Exercise is one of the best stress-busters around. If studies from other subjects are putting excessive pressure on your child, physical education will be one of the best ways for them to reduce this. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, which are key feel-good transmitters for the mind and body. It’s also one of the best ways of forgetting about any external troubles. Sport focuses our mind on the task at hand, allowing us to relax and forget about other worries.

4. Improves Sleep

After using up all that energy running around the sports field during the day, our bodies and minds tire in the evening. Sleep is a vital part of maintaining our overall health and wellbeing and plays an important role in our mood and performance during the day. One of the best ways your child can get the sleep they need is through an appropriate amount of sport and exercise in school through their PE class.

5. Develop Team and Leadership Skills

Any successful team is made up of individuals who can work with others. Teamwork is a vital skill in the working world, and physical education is often the earliest exposure children have to it. Many sports teams espouse the importance of the team over the individual. Your child will be able to contribute to a team environment and see first-hand how important it is to succeed.

In the working world, knowing how to fit into a team environment is one of the first things employers will look for. As they progress, their experience leading teams will also be critical to working their way up the employment ladder.

6. Instil Patience, Discipline and Perseverance

It takes perseverance and hard work to succeed in life, and sport is one of the best channels to display these virtues. The simplistic nature of sport, where there are identifiable winners and losers, leads to natural highs and lows – something that children need to be prepared for later in life.

Facilities at the NewAge Campus

The beautifully designed NewAge Campus is one of the top international schools that houses a wide range of well-designed sporting arenas which includes lawn tennis, basketball, football, badminton, cricket and swimming. At NewAge, co-curricular activities are integral to student life, nurturing self-aware individuals who are responsible towards themselves.

Children are also encouraged into a number of indoor sports as well.

  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo

At NewAge we also conduct the inter-school sports fiesta ‘Sportive’, the best ICSE School with the objective of providing a culmination to athletics conducted in physical education programmes, giving individuals an opportunity to further develop their skills whilst representing their school.

NewAge Games is also one such event conducted by the school to promote sportsmanship among students by organizing various sports activities thus making us the best school with Co-curricular activities in North Bangalore.

Sport is a great way to display how hard work pays. Perseverance and a never-give-up attitude will be needed to succeed in all walks of life. Through sports your child will learn the benefits of working hard to achieve their goals.

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