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Tips To Keep Your Children Safe and Sound at Home

As every parent knows, chasing after small children is a full-time job! Being a parent involves a lot of responsibility. But the most important is keeping our kids safe. This includes all of the risks that exist in our digital environment and are generating physical and emotional stress. The home is the most common place for children to be injured. Electrical sockets, poisons, furniture, blind cords and water can all become potential hazards - often quite suddenly.

Broadly speaking, child safety at home and outside needs to be properly adhered to. Here are some suggestions from NewAge International School in North Bangalore to assist you in creating a healthy and secure environment for kids at home.

Child Safety at Home

According to research, the maximum number of accidents happens at home is between the age of 0-5. Children have the capacity and curiosity to learn very fast about the world around them. As soon as they learn to crawl and run around, they are also in danger of getting injured.

Install smoke detectors and make sure that they are in working order at all times
Keep cords for electrical appliances out of the reach of children
Put childproof locks on cupboards and drawers before children are old enough to open them
Block access to stairs with a gate
Put a barrier around a gas or wood-burning fireplace or stove to prevent burns
Use plastic safety covers over electrical outlets so that children cannot poke their fingers or metal objects into them
Dispose of batteries somewhere children don’t have access to.
Always supervise children at play, especially little ones under the age of 3.
Don’t give your child hard pieces of food to chew such as raw carrot - give cooked or grated vegetables
Check toys and equipment regularly for sharp edges, splinters and loose parts

In reality, every responsible parent is concerned about the safety of their children. Apart from maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere at home, ensure that the school follows a similar environment and take all precautions possible. At the same time, children need to be able to socialise at an early age and have some freedom in order to grow and develop independence.

The best preschool in Bangalore teaches children about finding a healthy balance, which can be tough, but if tried, can be achieved easily. Various lessons are taught about staying safe both inside and outside the home.

The good news from a few Best ICSE School in Yelahanka is, you do not have to be around your child all the time. However, develop some basic safety rules for your children to follow. This will assist kids in being more conscious of how to defend themselves while you are not around.


Children's curiosity and exploration push them to walk around the house and try out everything they observe. As parents, all we have to do now is ensure their safety on this journey. By taking care of the necessities, we can continue to enjoy our lives without fear and let our children to explore the world on their own.

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