Tips to Select the Best ICSE School in Bangalore

Tips to Select the Best ICSE School in Bangalore

NewAge World School is the one of the best ICSE School in Bangalore and top International Schools in Bangalore. NewAge School has World Class infrastructure and an unmatched learning experience

Selecting a good and reputed School can be a difficult decision for Parents. To ensure the child is studying in a reliable school that provides quality education, Parents wish to select the best ICSE School in Bangalore, which they need not change after every couple of years

While choosing a School, parents prefer to select schools according to reputation. They pay attention to the quality of education provided and the safe environment in the school. The parents believe that students can get good exposure by studying in a highly reputed school. From academics to sports, every aspect holds high prospects to the parent. The parents understand that all the activities help in the overall development of the child. Thus, it is essential that the schools have all the facilities

While selecting a school, parents can focus on certain essential points, such as:

Sports Facilities

The physical activities help in the overall development of students. Understanding this fact, schools should provide all the sports equipment for students. In addition, schools should organize sports events to encourage students to participate in different activities. The beautifully designed NewAge Campus is one of the top international school that houses a wide range of well-designed sporting arenas which cover lawn tennis, basketball, football, badminton, cricket and swimming


To provide good quality education to students, schools should appoint experienced and qualified facilitators. They should have modern laboratories well-equipped with the latest technology equipment required for the learning of students. At NewAge the focus of learning is on the insight, deeper understanding and higher order of thinking by applying learning to real life situations. Our science, math, language and computer labs are a great place for students to enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of the subjects which are taught in classrooms.

Extracurricular Activities

Besides focusing on education, students should also be provided a chance to participate in other activities. The schools can provide personality development classes to boost the confidence of students. In this way, students can be trained in different phases. Imagination is the beginning of creation. At NewAge, we believe in instilling a sense of creativity and developing cognitive abilities in order to assist an independent decision making process by every child. Music, Art & Dance sessions are conducted as a part of everyday learning at NewAge thus making us the best ICSE School near you.

Proper Health & Hygiene

Besides the overall development of students, schools should also focus on health and hygiene. They should train students by forming rules and regulations required to stay healthy. This will help in shaping the personality of students. At NewAge we provide the a well-designed infirmary to aid any kind of emergencies

Digital Classroom

By helping children think outside their typical learning modes, digital learning inspires creativity and lets children feel a sense of accomplishment that encourages further learning. Every classroom is a digital classroom at NewAge making it one of the Best ICSE Schools, Bangalore, bringing alive the concepts being learnt through the use of technology.


NewAge is one of the top best ICSE schools in your neighborhood that offers trained and well experienced drivers are assisted by our lady cares in every vehicle that travels to various parts of the city. The transportation facility at NewAge, is also enabled by GPS tracking devices & CCTVs.


Considering all these essential points, parents can choose the best school for students. If you are also looking for a reputed school where students can get quality education, you can type schools near me on Google and you will get a list of schools. From the list, you can choose a school that provides all the facilities that is the best for your child

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