What Should You Never Say to Your Child?

What Should You Never Say to Your Child?

Unfortunately, as we know, kids do not come with a manual. Parents usually make mistakes all while raising them and that is okay. One of the challenging things to understand, as a parent, is learning the key to communicating with kids. It's easy to say something which offers them the wrong idea or a message, and you might not even realize it. But we are here to assist you at each step of the way. Make sure to get your child admission to one of the Best International School in Bangalore.

1. "I am proud of you."

You should not simply say that statement to a child because they feel responsible for parental pride. It is always better to appreciate their efforts in whatever they seek out to do, even if they fail at doing something.

2. "Good job!"

Suppose you love something which your child took out to do. It is more helpful in regards to encouragement & building up self-esteem if you focus on how the child had achieved or had accomplished. You should appreciate the efforts, and not the outcome received like "You received all A's, so you must have worked hard or "I liked the way you supported your team members."

Parental reactions like this make the child think about the process & work towards the goal.

3. "You should be a good role model for your brother."

Older siblings can also act out, perhaps in jealousy, because of the extra attention a younger sibling might be receiving. It would be best if you praised your older sibling & also made them notice how significant his role is in his younger sibling's life.

4. "Just wait until your father gets home."

Why are you letting go of the control? It might be a familiar phrase used in many households, but parents should be equals for the child & one doesn't need to be the bad cop always or act as a threat to the child's bad behavior. Stick together as a team. Do not ever postpone a child's punishment for their behavior. Instead, take control of it & handle it right there. Get your child enrolled in one of the Best Schools in Bangalore to teach values and mental strength to deal with the world.

5. "I will never forgive you."

It has happened to each one of us that we react quickly when a child does something unimaginable. Saying something like this can truly damage a child’s mental health and he or she will always remember it to be against them. It would be best if you said this instead of that, "What you did was hurtful, but we find a way to leave this & move on."In the heat of the moment, it's simple to say something irrational. Inhale deeply and think before you speak.

6. "I am so ashamed of you."

This phrase is negative if you use this with your child. You should say this instead "I feel really bad for what you & but know that I always love you."  At NewAge World School, we always say what we feel the best would not affect them negatively, rather positively impact them. So get your child admission to one of the Best Schools in North Bangalore right away.

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