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About Us

The New Age Way

NewAge is built on the foundation of our belief that by working on our inner and outer worlds, we would be successful not only by chance but by desig

Why New Age?

  • 1

    World-class Learning Experience

  • 2

    Holistic Development

  • 3

    Real-World Education

  • 4

    Driven by Values,Enabled by Technology

  • 5

    Human Touch

What do we want to be ?

A great place of learning for children, parents and teachers; where parents and teachers work in harmony - “to set the child free”.

What do we intend to do ?

A great place of learning for children, parents and teachers; where parents and teachers work in harmony - “to set the child free”.

  • For the child

    Provide a world class learning experience, creating new-age young adults with ignored minds, compassion for others, a deep understanding of self and the courage to act on their own beliefs.

  • For teachers

    Provide a world class environment to learn-grow-contribute, creating teachers who are passionate with a sense of pride in being teachers

    For parents

    Provide a satisfying experience to learn-grow-contribute, creating parents who help their children realise their true potential.


NewAge envisions to nurture confidence and independence, giving our children the educational & co curricular support they need; to grow into flexible and resilient young adults, ready to succeed in an ever-more-competitive-NewAge world!


NewAge has-is-will strive to achieve our purpose of setting the child

  • free from the fear of failure
  • free from the routine and boredom of meaningless learning
  • free from rote learning and in fact free the child from the stress of learning itself

From the Principal's Desk

"Education according to Swami Vivekanand is not just gathering information which may remain undigested throughout life, but to have life building, man making, character building, assimilation of fine ideas and making them our life and character. ”

A well designed and holistic curriculum at New Age World School offers maximum learning experience and brings down the unproductive time spells in class room. It also prepares students to explore their own academic interests. A coherent curriculum is vital for the development of the students thinking facilities.

I firmly believe that emphasis of the school should be on each child to excel in his competence in academics, in societal skills, in sports, in music and most importantly in his enjoyment of life. An institution is known by its traditions and values. The vision of the school keeps it growing and the quality of students it has is the indicator of its progress.

At New Age World School, we believe that a strong character foundation will ensure a safe nurturing, positive learning environment for all its students. The opportunities provided by way of co- curricular and curricular activities are immense. Warm Regards

Warm Regards

New Age World School