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Best ICSE in Rajankunte

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Little ones at NewAge Pre Schools celebrate Children’s day with curriculum based fancy dressing!

Pre Schoolers at NewAge brought in Children’s Day with a lot of fun along with an element of learning too! Children were dressed according to different Peer Groups with curriculum based topics such as Wild & Domestic animals, Flowers we see often, Fruits & Vegetables we eat and Community Helpers. Learning “Beyond the routine" was seen amongst little ones as a part of this celebration.

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Students at the NewAge World School bring in Children’s day by Cooking without fire!

Our judges had an extremely delicious & mouth watering experience as they got to witness the creativity, passion and perfection in watching and tasting food prepared by our students at NewAge World School. A lot of precise judgement had to be done in order to decide the best amongst the best! From nutritious salads to well presented chocolate chews to Drumstick leaf juices-"Tough call” said our judges!

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Learning “Beyond the Routine” as our children experience the Joy of Giving to people in need of basic essentials

A visit to a neighbourhood OldAge cum Orphanage was organised on occasion of World Kindness Day, 2017 at NewAge. Children from our Pre Schools as well as World School experienced the joy of giving as they witnessed smiles on the faces of people who received basic essentials from our children.

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A Language, Math & Science Exhibit was conducted at the NewAge World School Campus in November, 2017. Children showcased their creative side to knowledge building & exploration at this event. The highlight of the exhibit was a full fledged information hub on Karnataka displaying every detail in an artsy set up!

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Karnataka Rajyostava celebrations by little ones

Karnataka Rajyostava celebrations by little ones at NewAge Pre Schools Our little ones brought in the spirit of patriotism by creatively engaging in art & craft activities.

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JAM experiments & Tell me Why activities

JAM experiments & Tell me Why activities were conducted by students of NewAge World school - Our Students displayed time bound experiments as a part of this talent seeking activity in the school campus. Just-a-minute was provided to showcase their scientifc skills.

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Our Pre Schoolers visit a neighbourhood supermarket to help build Knowledge and Understanding About Things Around Us

Curriculum related topics were identified and concretely shown to children keeping in mind the key principle of education; learning occurs from concrete->abstract sense. Touch & feel assists easier & sustained learning - little ones definitely had a great time at this visit!

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SOF Olympiad(Math) conducted on 5th December, 2017

SOF(Science Olympiad Foundation)based Math Olympiad conducted on the 5th December, 2017 at the NewAge World School Campus.

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Children from NewAge World School travelled across the coastal belt of Karnataka to develop knowledge & understand the historic importance of these areas. This excursion certainly sparked the minds of our children as they got some sight worthy glimpses of Karnataka.

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Inauguration of World Class Sports Infrastructure and Opening of The New Age Games 2017-18 by Padmashri awardee Anju Bobby George 23rd December 2017.

The Fest began with the inauguration of the World Class Sports Arena by Chief Guest Mrs. Anju Bobby George, a Padmashri awardee International Athlete and a former World Championship Medalist in Long Jump.

The school prayer was followed by a warm welcome speech by the school Principal Mrs. Madhu Chandravathi. The school Captain Ruth Anna took an Oath on behalf of the New Age students. The Chief Guest urged the students to play with sportsman ship spirit and declared the sports meet open.

The NewAge Games Torch was carried by the girls from Grade 5 to Grade 8. It was followed by the MPT drills, aerobic display by using sporting props, Taekwondo display in which the students displayed the self-defense techniques.

The formation of the NewAge Logo by the students was another spectacular sight.

The track events were conducted for children from Peer Group 1 to Grade10 students with cheering audience around.

The event was concluded by the prize distribution where Ruby House bagged the best March-Past team trophy and Sapphire House won the Overall Championship Trophy.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks by the Principal followed by singing of the National Anthem.

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Students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 participated in the Junior Interschool Athletic Meet held on 9th January 2018 at Delhi Public School, North Bangalore.

Students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 had taken part Junior Inter School Athletic meet which was held in Delhi Public school North on 09/01/2018.

The students were accompanied by our sports facilitator Mr. Lokesh and Mrs. Sowmya.

Our students of Grade 3 and Grade 4 won the Bronze medal in 4*100 mts Relay.

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Christmas celebrations galore across our NewAge Pre Schools and NewAge World School on 22/12/2017.

Children were briefed about the importance and significance of Christmas festivities. Activities were also conducted as a part of the celebration. Our very own Santa surprised the little ones by making a heartfelt appearance!

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Scholastic Book Fair held from 11th Jan 2018 to 13th Jan 2018 at NewAge World School Campus.

The Fair was inaugurated by the Management and the School Principal Mrs.Madhu Chandravathi. The fair showcases a wide array of books including Novels, Liesure reading, Sci-fi, General Knowledge, Puzzles, Memory building books etc.

Celebrated the 72nd Independence Day celebration on Aug 15, 2018.

Small kids were dressed up as Freedom Fighters. The Junior and Senior students had performed an act, speeches and narration of the Freedom Struggle to Independence.

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Teachers day programme was conducted on 5th Sept 2018.

An event was organized by the students which was planned and executed by them.