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Best ICSE School in Jakkur

  • Country - India

  • State - karnataka

  • District - Bangalore

  • Metro - Bangalore

  • Language- Kannada

  • Time zone- UTC+5:30(IST)

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Jakkur (additionally spelled Jakkuru) is a suburb in the northern piece of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Situated on the eastern side of the National Highway 44 among Yelahanka and Hebbal, the zone is best known for the Jakkur Aerodrome and Jakkur lake.

The Jakkur lake is a 160-section of land lake built more than two centuries back to take into account the water prerequisites of the Jakkur village.The lake, which was very dirtied by sewage and waste in 2005, was resuscitated by treating the sewage water which enters the lake and afterward going it through a man-made developed wetland before it moved through a green growth pound that evacuated the vast majority of the nitrates and phosphates.However, in 2016, it was accounted for that the water quality has compounded because of expanded levels of nitrates, phosphates, smelling salts and green growth.