9 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams | Exam Tips for Students

9 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams | Exam Tips for Students


Whenever exams come up, students often feel stressed and start overthinking, which can lead to lower scores. To help students perform better, we’ve put together an article 9 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams | Exam Tips for Students. We've listed nine things that students should avoid doing the day before an exam. It's important for students to go through this list, recognize if they're doing any of these things, and make sure to stop them before the exam day.

1. Do Not Use Social Media


The first thing not to do is do not use social media. Yes, you heard me right. Try as much as possible to fight the urge of using your phone. It's an addiction which takes away most of your time. So, what happens is you start by saying hi, then your friend replies hi, then you start talking, forwarding jokes, laughing, then later you may even check your Facebook wall to see what your friends have posted, and then you also feel like posting. Later, you would want to see how many likes you've got on that post.

And the story never ends. Without realization, you lose so many hours with so much distraction and unnecessary thoughts in your head, which does not allow you to concentrate on studies.

2. Do Not Compare Your Preparation with friends

The second most important thing not to do is do not ask the most common question friends ask each other during exam preparation. How much have you finished studying? Yes, friends, we have all done this. Everyone has asked each other how much you finish studying. But I'll tell you why not to ask your friends this question. Let's assume your friend has finished studying five chapters and you have finished only two. That very moment, your attention sets in and you start getting negative thoughts in your head about low grades, low marks, your admission, your future. Then you try rushing through all the chapters to reach your friend's pace, compromising on the quality of studies. And suppose that your friend has studied less than you, then you get relaxed and slow down your preparation. So, a very important point to know here is, do not compare your preparation with anyone else.

3. Do Not Try Any New Book

Do not change your book at the last minute or try any new book. Stick to your NCERT textbook or your respective state government textbook along with one reference book, which is more than enough. Continuously using the same book throughout the year helps in reinforcing your understanding and ensures consistency in your study material. This way, you're more familiar with the content, which boosts your confidence and helps avoid any confusion before the exam.

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4. Do Not Avoid Delaying Your Studies


Next thing not to do before your exam is procrastination. Never procrastinate. If you have three days preparation leave for your exam, then divide the hours according to the chapters equally and use the first two days well. If you keep postponing your studies, you will end up piling a lot to do for the last day, which will make you tense.

5. Do Not Influenced by Someone's Method

Next thing not to do before your exam is do not get influenced by the method and the way or the timetable that your friend is using. You are unique. Use the strategy that suits your way of learning. Your friend may finish all the easy chapters first and keep the difficult ones for the last minute, but you may like to study the difficult ones first. So, it's okay. Whatever you've been doing all through the year, just stick to that strategy and do not copy anyone's strategy.

6. Do Not Change Your Time -Table

Next thing not to do is try not to change your timetable at the last minute. If you have to study for five hours in the day, then you have to study. Get some determination to achieve that goal. If you're looking for tips on how to create an effective timetable, we have an article that can help. For more detailed guidance, check out the "how to make a timetable for studying" section in our article. You can find the link to this helpful resource below.

7. Do Not Just Look at Pictures: Write Your Answers


Next thing not to do is try not to just read illustrations or go through diagrams and flowcharts. What I mean is, illustrations, diagrams, and flowcharts are very important. But after reading it or going through them, time yourself and write the answer based on it. It'll give you more confidence to attempt questions. This method is a very effective way for revision.

8. Do Not Eat Outside Food


Next, a simple thing students should not do just before exams is Do not eat outside food. It may make you sick at the wrong time. Eat home-cooked food which is easy to digest. Also, eating heavy food will make you sleepy, so keep your meals light. Have a lot of vegetables and fruits.

9. Avoid Over Sleeping


Get a sufficient amount of sleep just before your exams. But that does not mean that you sleep more. Avoid oversleeping as it may make you lethargic and lazy. A good sleep for six hours is enough during exams. If you have trouble sleeping or you get nightmares and you wake up at odd hours in the night, then consider checking out our blog on stress-relieving techniques. You'll find helpful tips that can improve your sleep quality.

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So, these were the 9 things that you should not do to improve your score. Lastly, remember, have confidence in what you've done. Exams do not judge your potential or do not judge how smart and intelligent you are. They're just a part of your life. Take it with a smile. And all the best for all your exams. Thank you.

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